Corona crisis: Up-to-date customer information

Dear Business Partners,

we would like to inform you below about our activities and measures that we have implemented within the MEYRA AluRehab Group in connection with the Corona situation.

At the moment, all of our businesses and branches are able to act without restrictions. Due to extensive measures, no employee has yet been infected with the virus. If any employee shows symptoms that a disease is developing, they are immediately sent back home for 14 days to minimize the risk of infection. In every company, temperature measurements are carried out by every employee before starting work.

Internal meetings were reduced to a minimum weeks ago. All appointments with external visitors and service providers were canceled. Our national and international sales force will be involved in the home office for the next 14 days.

As far as possible, the workforce was separated from one another. An external disinfection team cleans and disinfects all door handles and light switches in all buildings twice a day. Our employees support us without exception in the implementation of the measures and -behaved in this way- make a decisive contribution to the effectiveness of the activities.

The measures are monitored and documented by a working group. Under the leadership of the top management, namely Michal Perner (CEO MAG), Piotr Baczynski (COO MAG) and Kjetil Gausel (CEO AluRehab), the group is informed daily in writing until 11 a.m. of any changes that may occur in order to be able to react quickly and initiate appropriate actions in the respective country representations if necessary.

When the situation has calmed down, we expect a significant increase in demand, particularly in the area of highly configured wheelchair provision, as many health insurance companies and institutions are currently only working to a limited extent. In this context, the financial investor of the MEYRA AluRehab Group -H.I.G. Capital- is committed to do everything possible to ensure the full functionality of our supply chain. We are already preparing for the time "after COVID-19".

The measures serve primarily the health of our employees and you as our reliable partner. Let us work together with the necessary care to improve the situation rapidly.

We will regularly inform you about possible changes of the situation over the next few weeks.

Sincerely yours

Michal Perner | Piotr Baczynski | Kjetil Gausel
CEO MEYRAAluRehab Group | COO MEYRAAluRehab Group | CEO AluRehab

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